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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



This term we are going to be focusing on programming, so this week you are going to write your first computer program. Watch the videos and follow the instructions and you'll create basic algorithms using characters from Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Ice Age. There are 20 levels to work through and they get progressive harder. 


Once you have completed them all, why don't you print off a Certificate of Completion and send a photo of you with it on Class Dojo to earn a Work Mark. 



Our topic work this week is about Viking daily life, and one part of that is food. I therefore this week thought it would be appropriate for us to try some Viking food, baking a version of the bread they would have made. Yum Yum!


I have included a recipe which lists all the ingredients and tools you need, along with the method how to make it. Don't worry if you cannot get all the ingredients, you can always change it such as using a different type of flour. Adult supervision is required as you will be using a hot oven!


Take your time doing this and please be careful but I'm sure it will be worth the while. I want to see photos on Class Dojo of your culinary creations! 



The Creation Story this week is from the Sikh faith. Have a look through the Powerpoint that goes through the story and see if you can match and order the cards accurately.


There is a reading comprehension task that has some questions about the story, you can choose which challenge level you want to do but make sure you check your answers once you have completed it.


Once you have completed this, there is a research challenge for to have a go at. The answers are not in the Powerpoint so you will need to do some searching. 



As always, give Joe Wicks a go in the mornings and try his 'Wake Up With Joe: Day 7'.


This week I've also set you a gymnastics task called 'Balance Time'. Watch the YouTube video about how to complete the task and take a look at the document below that explains it too