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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



As we did last week, we are going to continue focusing on programming, so this week you are going to write more computer program. Watch the videos and follow the instructions and you'll go on a voyage and an adventure using characters from Minecraft. There are 2 challenges to work through, each with 12 stages and they get progressive harder. 


Once you have completed them all, why don't you print off a Certificate of Completion and send a photo of you with it on Class Dojo to earn a Work Mark. 



This week we are going to design Viking runestones. The Vikings often inscribed information about families, deaths and names, as well as making property and telling messages or stories. There are two tasks I would like you to do:

  • Task 1 - Read through the PowerPoint and then using runes (Viking alphabet), write your own message for others to decipher.
  • Task 2 - Using the template, write on your message and add patterns and any other details you wish to create your runestone design. I've attached also some other runes that represent different qualities and the Norse gods that you might want to include. 



This week we are going to look at different types of creation stories and classify them. These are stories we haven't looked at previously and compare them to one another. 


Read through the PowerPoint, there are 3 parts to complete:

  • Part 1: Read TWO creation stories, one at a time.
  • Part 2: Look at each questions down the left column. Fill in your Creation Stories Activity Sheet by answering the each question, completing each column for one of the creation stories.
  • Part 3: Read through and compare your answers. Have you classified some stories in the same way?



As always, give Joe Wicks a go in the mornings and try his 'Wake Up With Joe: Day 8'.


This week I've also set you a gymnastics task called 'Jumping Dice. Watch the YouTube video about how to complete the task and take a look at the document below that explains it too