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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



Have a go at drawing the Valknut symbol, also known as Odin’s Triangle. It is thought to represent courage, bravery and destiny throughout this life and the next.


The YouTube videos explain the steps you need to go through.

#1 explores the origin of the symbol; #2 is an easier version to draw; #3 is much more complex!

Send your completed designs as a photo on ClassDojo.

I’ll attempt to draw one too … !



Our topic for this term’s RE is creation stories from different religions. This week the focus is on Judaism and Christianity.


Look through the Powerpoint and then read the story cards that shows the creation story these faiths believe in.


You then have a choice of activities to show you can remember what happened – get ready to be creative!

Option 1: Act it out in some way and record it – you could always get your pets and family involved too!

Option 2: Create a stop frame animation (using something like ‘I Can Animate’).

Option 3: Rewrite the story in your own words.

Option 4: Create a comic strip.



We were going to be developing our typing skills in school, and this is something that you can definitely practice at home too.

I have put up a couple of different websites that help to make your typing easier and quicker. Have a go at the one that works best for you. See if you can accurately type without looking at the keyboard – a useful skill for when you are older!



Day 2 of ‘Wake Up with Joe’ to keep yourselves as fit and active.

Why not make up your own ‘Joe Wicks’ style workout to get your family to do too!


ALSO, Joe Wicks is doing his YouTube sessions again on Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays!