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Winscombe Primary School

Our Reading Offer

Sandford's Reading Charter

Sandford's Reading Offer and Progression Map



We are proud to share, that we use Unlocking Letters and Sounds as our SSP. 


Discover more by clicking the link below. 



Our approach to teaching reading will be shared annually with parents at our Welcome to my School parent meeting in September. 


ULS is supported Ransom and our Phase 2-5 books are supported by this publisher. 


Beyond Phase 5 books, we have 5 coloured 'book bands' to bridge the gap to becoming a Free Reader. These are Turquoise, Purple, Gold, White & Lime.


Sandford Laureate Award


The challenge of reading the 50 books assigned to your year group before the end of the academic year. Have a look at the list of books for your year group - there will some you have heard of and some new ones too. There's a mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and short picture books.

Enjoy the range of books to read!