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Winscombe Primary School


The return to school....


This week try and weave in conversations about your child's return to school. Often conversations like this that involve thinking about feelings are best had while occupied with something else like colouring or baking as a distraction, often the conversation flows more easily.


For most children coming back to school will be something they are really looking forward to and are excited about.  They will be keen to see their friends again and their classroom but there may be some things that they aren't so sure about.  This is perfectly normal and giving them a chance to talk about those things is important. To us they may be quite small things, one child said to me they were a bit concerned everyone could have grown. I was able to reassure that child that they were right most children would have grown but we would still recognise them and they had gown too!


Try doing some activities which focus on the positives like drawing pictures of their friends or listing all the things they want to do at school. Don't forget the ELSA resources on the front of our class page can help with support if needed. If there are any particular worries your child has then let us know via the Dojo messages so we are aware for when we start back and can support them.