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Winscombe Primary School


Communication and Language


We continue to support the development of skills in communication and language throughout the early years foundation stage. Communication and language is fundamental in the development of further literacy skills such as reading and writing. have a go at the activities below, designed to support communication and language development.


Role Play

Role play is a fantastic way to use language to foster communication. Try having a role play morning where you and your child become their favourite fictional characters, or play with their small world toys in character or even swap roles for the morning! During the play encourage your child to respond to what your character says and does, use the time to introduce new language and model responding to what they say to you.


Hotter & Colder

Take it in turns to hide a small object in your house/garden. Use the phrases hotter and colder to help the person to find the object. You can also give a clue at the beginning giving a positional clue such as "it is underneath something" or "it is next to something tall".