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Winscombe Primary School



This week we are continuing to study the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are going to focus on some actions to support us to remember and retell the story in our own words.

Have a go at exploring the type of actions you could  include in your story, to help bring it to life!

You could use the printable puppets attached instead if you wished.

If you lay them out in order, it will help prompt your story telling.


Here are some actions you could try and act out alongside your story map:

  • Jack walking with Daisy the cow
  • The old man offering beans
  • Jack skipping home with the beans
  • Jacks mum being cross throwing the beans
  • Jack going to sleep
  • Jack waking up seeing a huge beanstalk
  • Jack climbing the beanstalk
  • Jack discovering the castle
  • The Giant’s voice
  • The Giant telling the harp to sing, the hen to lay
  • Jack running with the harp and the hen
  • Jack climbing down the beanstalk
  • Jacks mum chopping down the beanstalk
  • Jack and his Mum cheering