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Winscombe Primary School


Try these two games to support Language and Communication and have some fun!


Draw it!

This game is for two people. One is the describer and one the drawer. The describer has a picture which they describe to the drawer who is not allowed to see the picture. The drawer must listen carefully and draw the picture as described to them. Magazines are a good source of pictures. Once the drawer has finished their picture you can compare it to the original before swapping over roles. This game is excellent for developing listening and fine motor skills along with positional language.


Build it!

A similar game to the one above, except this time the describer builds a model which the builder cannot see. Use any building materials you have at home, Lego, K’nex, Duplo, Mega Bloks etc. The describer must then describe carefully how to build the model. Once the builder has finished building you compare the two models to see if they are the same. This is brilliant for developing positional language, to develop this more securely if you find your child is not confident with it yet run through positional words with the building blocks before you start. Try to include above, below, on top of, underneath, left, right, behind and in front.  It also helps with fine motor and listening skills. To simplify give the builder only the blocks they need for the model, you can always add more in the next goes.