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Winscombe Primary School

Reception - English

Zoom session - 9am Monday

Zoom link in timetable on Class 1 page or ClassDojo


Reception Children

To continue our learning around the moon, this week we would like to you think about what you might take on your journey to the moon. Following the story titled ‘Whatever Next’ we are going to prepare a list of all the items we will need for our adventure if we were to visit the moon. Last week, you may have played a memory game at home of: ‘I went to the moon and I took a….’ This is a great warm-up activity to think about and remember what we might need to take!

We would like you to list or label the things you would take on your journey to the moon. There two ways you can do this: In your books, have a go at recording a list of items you will need. You might like to draw a small illustration, with your word next to it, to help you sound out and write the word carefully using your phonic knowledge. If you would like to print, cut and stick pictures in your book instead, then feel free! Alternatively, find yourself a small bag and search the house for any items to pack ready for your trip. Once you have collected them all, we would like you to label all the items you have chosen. You can do this by making luggage style labels created using card/paper. Ask your grown-up to take a picture of all your labelled items and send it to us!