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Winscombe Primary School

School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Hustings have just recently taken place, so new council members will soon be announced to the rest of the school.

Imagine being twelve years old and finally receiving your FIRST EVER pair of shoes...


Our latest fundraiser has been for the wonderfully worthy 'Sal's Shoes', a charity that collects pre-loved and still-wearable shoes and distributes them to children who do not have any. Although active in the UK, Sal's Shoes sends the majority of shoes collected to countries where children are excluded from attending school if they do not have shoes. As much as school can be hard work sometimes, we cannot imagine never having the opportunity to be able to learn to read and write! We needed to do something...

On the last day of term, children took off their shoes, cleaned them, paired them with a rubber band and left them in school - some children even walked home barefoot in the torrential rain (although many brought a spare pair of shoes to school that day)! We now have over a hundred pairs of school shoes (and many donations of other shoes that were lying around at home) boxed up and ready to be shipped to Surrey where they will be distributed to some of the world's poorest children. Thank you to everyone who took part and to Mr Gooding, who has kindly offered to fund the transport costs for us. Well done everyone!!

'Put a Nose On It' ~ Red Nose Day Dancing 2017!


During Term 4, the School Council helped to organise a whole-school performance of this year's Red Nose Day schools' song: 'Put a Nose On It'. Pupils throughout the school worked very hard to perfect their dance moves and practise their singing all whilst collecting an overwhelming amount of sponsorship money: almost £900!


Thank you to everyone who so enthusiastically took part. Together we will have truly made a difference!