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Winscombe Primary School

School Meals

Sandford Primary School offers a healthy and varied school meal menu, with choices of vegetarian meals and sandwiches, should a traditional cooked dinner not be an option for your child.  In addition to the main meal, a dessert of the day is also available, along with the option of yoghurt or fresh fruit.


:Lunch is eaten in our main hall, under full supervision, and whenever the weather conditions permit during the summer, children who choose the sandwich option are able to eat outside.  You are not, of course, obligated to purchase school meals; you are quite able to send your child to school with a healthy packed lunch, should this be your preference.


To visit the Aspens website please use the following link:


The process of ordering school meals in now an online payment system, which enables you, parents and carers, to have control and clarity over your children's school dinners. The purpose of this system means that you can:

  • order your child/children's preferred menu choice in advance
  • pay for school lunches via the system, or just pre-book meals if your child/children are entitled to free school meals
  • order a day at a time, per week or even for a month in advance from the beginning of each term
  • you can register more than one child per school.