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Winscombe Primary School




Our last Science lesson on Sound this week. Time to make some noise!


In our Zoom, I'll go through the Powerpoint, but this week is all about putting everything you've learnt into practise. You're going to be making an instrument that allows you to change the pitch and volume in some way. Only use items you have around the house/ classroom - you can't use a ready-made instrument though! Think carefully about what type of instrument you will make (wind/ string/ percussion) and how you are going to be able to show a change in pitch and volume.

I've included the link to the video that is on the Powerpoint too, so you can watch it and maybe get some ideas!


Design & Create

•Draw a diagram of what you plan your musical instrument to look like – label each part to show what it is made of.

•How will you change the pitch?

•How can you change the volume?


Test & Evaluate

•Did it turn out like you planned? Why/ why not?

•Explain how you created the different sounds – use expert vocab to show the science behind your music.


There is also a quiz to see how much you can remember about sound as well.


CHALLENGE QUESTION: How are sound effects made on television and radio shows? [It's probably a little bit different to how you think!]