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Winscombe Primary School


Forces and Movements

Forces dictate almost everything we do around us in the world. Whether it's friction slowing you down, gravity stopping you floating away or magnetism acting on metal objects, forces are hard to miss in the world around you. Even the smallest of movements requires forces to be involved.

Today, I have found some very cool forces experiments that you can do at home (I hope you have been saving up your scrap!). If there are some resources that you were unable to find, see if you can improvise and if the experiment still works the same!

For each experiment you do, I would like you to write a short recount of what it is you have set up, what you think it is testing and how you found the experiment (was it fun?!).

Challenge: Watch the videos below, can you illustrate how a rollercoaster works using forces?

Challenge task - Can you draw a picture of a rollercoaster and label where different forces might be acting on the rollercoaster? Try and use as scientific a language as you can such as the words that you have learned so far and from the rollercoaster videos.