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Winscombe Primary School



LIGHT - Term 3

Jasmine Light

Still image for this video

There are 6 recorded lessons on this link from the fabulous teachers at The Oak Academy.

Try to complete one lesson per week.

In school, we will be doing this on a Thursday afternoon.

If you are struggling to get online, see if you can explore some of the questions below 'offline'.

FORCES - term 2

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE - Who wants to be a millionaire? Forces edition


Can you design a sled that will go down a slope slowly?

Water Resistance

Watch the video and try out dropping different shaped objects into water at home. Which shapes are most streamline?


Investigating air and water resistance | Physics - The Bloodhound Adventure

Primary school children investigate which shapes travel fastest through water, to understand what is the best design for the Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car)....

Air Resistance

w/c 23.11.20 - Watch the slide show and follow the instructions to design some parachutes of your own. Think carefully about materials, size and shape. Then test them out thinking about which variables you have changed each time and which ones must remain the SAME for a fair test.


w/c 16.11.20 - Watch the slide show about GRAVITY, then read the Fact Sheet about Sir Isaac Newton and answer the questions about his life into your exercise books.

Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

w/c 09.11.20 - Watch the silde show, then look at the picture cards. Select 4 or 5 images and write a couple of sentences to explain which forces are in action and their effect on the object(s).

w/c 02.11.20 - Can you test your knowledge from last term's unit on Earth and Beyond? Then, complete the KWL sheet for our next unit on Forces. What do you already know and what would you like to find out?

EARTH & BEYOND - term 1

w/c 19.10.20 Can you explain how it is a different time wherever you stand on the Earth - day in one country while it is night in another?

w/c 12.10.20 Can you explain how day and night occur?

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth

The Ancient Greeks concluded Earth was a sphere, which has been validated by scientists ever since. Despite this, there is a movement growing claiming the Earth is FLAT. We have been debating this theory and trying to explore what evidence 'Flat Earthers' use and what evidence 'Spherical Earthers' use.