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Winscombe Primary School




We'll be looking at how our ears are different and ways to reduce sound.

I'll go through the Powerpoint on Friday and explain the investigation task in a bit more detail, so make sure you leave it til then otherwise it might not make sense!



1. Look at the information about animals’ ear position and shape. Finish the sentences to explain what you think in your own words – try to use scientific vocabulary. [Animal Ears document]

2. Using the BSL Alphabet, learn how to sign your name, letter by letter. Send me a video on ClassDojo when you’ve perfected it. BONUS: If you are interested, why not learn more words or a song using BSL or Makaton.

3. Conduct an investigation into how good different materials are at blocking out noise – use the Investigation document to help you.


CHALLENGE QUESTION: What other help is given to people who can’t hear very well, as well as using sign language or Makaton?