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Winscombe Primary School

Session 1

Reception Literacy Task.

Your challenge this week is to design your very own rocket! It is entirely up to you as to how you do this, but there could be a few of options for you to choose from.


If you have some recycling resources available, you may like to construct your very own rocket - this can be however big or small you decide. You may like to paint a picture of your rocket design, taking care to use different sized brushes to add the careful detail. Alternatively, a drawing might be preferred; to allow you to experiment with different shapes that make up your design. If you are a Lego enthusiast, you could think carefully about how you could build this using all the different shapes and sized bricks. The possibilities are endless!


Once you have created or constructed your rocket, we would like you to label it. Do you know all the parts of a rocket? Does your particular design have some extra detail that you have included? Again, the way in which you choose to label this is up to you. If you would like to write the ‘luggage’ style labels that we explored before, then you could attach these to your 3D design. If it happens to be a drawing or painting, then you may wish to write labels next to each of the parts.


Take a look at the powerpoint below if you missed the zoom session to help give you some ideas on how you could present this. Please click the 'slide show' option at the top of the powerpoint page, so you can see any animation.