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Winscombe Primary School

Session 1 - English

Year 1

This week is all about research! You are going to write about your chosen planet in our solar system. We are not going to focus on the layout this week; but are simply going to write a short narrative on what our planet is like. Take a look at the video clip which contains some interesting facts as a starting point. From here, it may be that you have some books at home to help, or you can take a look at the powerpoint below to help you think about what you might include. If you have the internet to explore then this would also be a useful tool.



This week we are going to record some captions about the sun and the moon. Take a look at the video clip attached to find out some interesting facts! The powerpoint below will also give you some suggestions and an example of what you could do. Use your phonic knowledge and sight words to record your captions or simple sentences.