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Winscombe Primary School

Session 2

Year 1


We have covered a lot so far this half term, some of which your child will have been able to grasp easily and some they will have found more difficult. The skills listed below are the ones we would really like your child to master.

All children should:

  • Be able to say different facts for any number to 10 e.g. 4 is 2+2 and 4 is 1+3.
  • Be able to add by counting out two groups of objects and combining them and counting the total.
  • Be able to subtract by counting out objects and then taking some away and counting the remainder.


Some children should:

  • Be able to add by counting on either on fingers or on a number line e.g. 6+2 start at the 6 and not by counting to 6 and then count on 2 more to make 8.
  • Be able to subtract by counting back on fingers or a number line e.g. 8-3 start on 8, don't count to 8 and count back 3 to 5.
  • Be able to partition a number (break it into 2 parts) so that it completes a 10 for adding e.g. do 8+5 by saying 5 is 2 +3 so 8+2 makes 10 and then 3 more is 13.


Please practise the skills your child finds more difficult. The most difficult is partitioning to complete a ten and have a bit more (the last one on the list). Only do this once they can do the rest of the lists. Then link it to the bonds for numbers to 10. if a child is not fluent with bonds for all numbers to 10 then it won't make sense for them.


There is also a greater depth video and activity below to apply skills they have learnt in the past as well as newer learning.