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Winscombe Primary School


Spelling Test video for Week 1's words

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Play the video to do your spelling test - if you need to pause it, that's okay. I've tried to go slowly, but I can't see if people have finished writing the word so I might still be too quick!
Use the 'Marking for spelling test' document to check you have correctly written the words and then let me know your score out of 20, either on ClassDojo or in our afternoon Zoom lesson.

Spelling lesson for this week's new words

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Our rule for this week looks at a different set of 'ation' words.

Make sure you remember the 3 rules to follow:

root word doesn't end in 'e', just add 'ation'

root word ends in 'e', but not 'ate', take off the 'e' and add 'ation'

root word ends in 'ate', take off the 'ate' and add 'ation'


This week's words are:

1. creation

2. radiation

3. indication

4. ventilation

5. relegation

6. dedication

7. demonstration

8. abbreviation

9. translation

10. vibration


Have a look through the Powerpoint and attempt the hangman on some of the slides.

The usual homework wordsearch is also on this page, as well as the handwriting sheet we usually do.


Make sure you practise them, and the common misspelled words - your test will be on Tuesday morning!

Remember, your test will include 10 words from this list, so make sure you have a look at these each week too.