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Winscombe Primary School

Storm Closure Activities

Friday 18th February



Hi Class 3, 

Please find here some pieces of work which we were going to do tomorrow which I've adjusted slightly due to the last minute changes. It is the last day of term, and we were going to do more Dance Their Socks Off practise so the activities are for the morning. In the afternoon, please watch my (terrible) dancing and practise the dance.


If you need me, contact me through Class Dojo. I will be available all day!


Don't forget to keep practising the dance, complete the homework and of course, lots of reading!


Enjoy the half term break!

Mr Robinson



Here are the spellings for this week, please send me a photo of your test and score after you have watched the video and marked them. 

Spellings test

Still image for this video

Times tables


Have a go at this sheet and see how many you can get right in 5 minutes 30 seconds. Remember that if you find it difficult, start by using the times tables you know most confidently first. 

Reading Comprehension


Today we were going to look at another of our Reading Dogs but instead I would like you have another practise with Rex Retriever. 


Below is a short story, The Old Woman's Luck, to read and there are some questions to answer afterwards. Try your best and see how you do.

Dance Their Socks Off


Time for you to wow your families with your dance moves, practise the routine for Dance Their Socks Off and show them how much better you are than Mr Robinson! I know we do this in groups of 4 so practise your part and maybe you could get the family to do the other parts if you show them? wink


Below are the videos of my attempts to do the moves, apologies for the less than Oscar worthy camera work. Also, I've given you the music as well for once you are confident with the routine. 


Please practise throughout the half term break, I know I will be!

Machine & Robots

The whole track we dance to!

Machines - First part

Still image for this video
From the front

Machines - First part

Still image for this video
From behind

Robots - Second part

Still image for this video
From the front

Robots - Second part

Still image for this video
From behind



Other than practising Dance Their Socks Off, here is the homework for this week. 



they will not be a new rule to learn over half term. Instead, please revisit the spelling patterns from the last six weeks. There are however the previous challenging spellings that I would like you to practise alongside these:

  • refrigerator
  • foreign
  • bronchitis
  • yacht
  • pneumonia


We had these challenge words over Christmas and I would like us to practise them again as these words appear in our Reading Age assessment which we will repeat in Term 4.

On our first week back, I will test them on 15 words chosen from across the term and these challenge words. Hopefully, you will have remembered those you learnt.



This week we learnt perimeter so there is an activity to help you practise this and become perimeter experts!