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Winscombe Primary School

Term 1/2 Archive

Our trip to Weston Museum!

We have just returned from a wonderful visit to Weston Museum, where we discovered some interesting facts about old and new toys! It was a fascinating experience  exploring the different types, materials and ways in which they operate, compared with our modern day version.


During our visit, we had the opportunity to explore Clara's Cottage where we had to search for clues to answer questions and locate a scene that matched a photograph. This tiny cottage was certainly an eye opener to discover the way in which this family lived, compared to living in the 21st Century- the bath was actually hanging up in the garden!


We also explored dressing up, as well as investigating some vintage and Victorian toys. After exploring the rest of the Museum we enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed back to school on the coach...almost  all awake!




Welcome to a new term at School! During the Autumn term, the children will spend time getting to know their new friends and teachers, learning the routines of the school day and exploring and investigating the exciting indoor and outdoor classroom!

Children will be engaging in many circle time activities where they will be sharing things about themselves and celebrating these differences within our classroom.

Our suspended curriculum will be centered around looking after our planet, where we will be gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of recycling. 



We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Sherry from the Museum, for delivering such a interesting and engaging session for us all. We look forward to visiting again very soon!