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Winscombe Primary School

Term 3 Week 1



This week and next we will be exploring instructional text - writing instructions to make or do something. I would like you to make a sandwich of your choice - I would choose jam - yummy! However, you might like to be a little healthier. I will hopefully be showing you via Zoom on Wednesday how to make a sandwich - you will be able to help me by giving advice! This is your chance to be a bit bossy! smiley

Please don't start this activity until our Zoom get together on Wednesday.



When writing instructions, you need to be able to be a little bossy! We use the imperative verb for this. These are also known as 'bossy' verbs because they tell people what to do e.g. turn the kettle on, shut the window, spread the butter. 


Activity 1: After our Zoom session on Wednesday

1. First, Watch the following video. Write down a list of things you will need for your sandwich.


Activity 2: Thursday and Monday Zoom Sessions

As below, draw a picture for each of the instructions. You need to think about the very first thing you might need to do - yes, wash your hands and then collect the ingredients you need! 



You must number each of your instructions and keep each instruction simple to understand and clear.


1. Wash your hands, taking care that you clean them with soap and water and dry them well. 


2. Collect your ingredients.


3.  Carefully spread one of the bread pieces with a thin layer of butter. 


You could use time connectives to help the instructions flow:

First, ....

Next, ....

After that, .......

Then, .......

Finally, ......