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Winscombe Primary School

Term 4

As we are home learning for at least the first two weeks of this term, all the tasks and information you need are included on the weekly 'pencil'!


The online timetable for this week is above and explains when our Zoom sessions will be and the recommended lessons for each day.  While it is highly recommended that you follow this timetable in terms of own learning, we understand the need for flexibility and appreciate the various home situations that will require a different approach. Additional smaller group Zoom sessions will be scheduled where necessary, including the WordBlaze spelling groups.

We will be having a live whole school assembly on Wednesday afternoons and crew points will be announced on Friday afternoons. This will be able to be accessed on the main ‘Class Page’. 


Use the exercise book you have to record your work - you can always do this for Maths too, rather than printing out the White Rose worksheets. If you need a new one, there will be some to collect from the School Office.


There are lots of other activities and websites in the 'Useful Links' section at the bottom of our main class page for a variety of different subjects. Feel free to have a look at them any time to enhance and diversify your learning. 


Remember, you always have access to TTRockStars, Reading Buddy and GetEpic reading as well.


If you have any questions about the tasks, please send me a message on ClassDojo.

Behaviour Expectations for Online Learning

Here is our spelling overview for this term. It includes the 10 words that you will be given to learn and the rule that they follow. Your test will also include another 10 words that are taken randomly from the common misspelled words list below.