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Winscombe Primary School

Term 4 Week 1 Poetry 22.02.21



This week, I would like you to continue with the activities I set linked to poetry at the end of last term. I have attached a powerpoint below for you to work through. The first few sessions were those from last time so try not to repeat these if you have already completed - each slide has the date on it so you know which one to do. 


It would be lovely, if you learnt a poem from the week before half term, to listen to some poetry during our Zoom session on Friday 27th February. You might have even written your own short poem too.


Poetry Class 2 .pptx

Monday Zoom - Handwriting

On Monday, we will be continuing with some handwriting practice together. I would like to see Year 1 pupils at 10am and Year 2 at 10.30. I will start you off and then once we finish our zoom get together, you can continue to practice further. 


Tuesday Zoom  - Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Session

I thought it would be useful to think about the use of conjunctions when we are writing. I will have a session with Year 1 using  and, but, so at 10am and a session on sub-ordinating conjunctions with Year 2 pupils at 10.30.