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Winscombe Primary School




Take a look at the Powerpoint to understand why the Vikings would have wanted to invade and settle in other places. Look at the maps to see which other countries they would have traded with.


The website link has lots of good information about Viking trade and the video is a 10 minute trip around some of the places Vikings would have gone to. Have a watch of it at some point today if you can.



1. Complete the 'Blank Map' by showing Viking settlements and the main trade routes they took. Make sure you include a key to explain what the different colours mean. You can do your own research or use the maps I have on the Powerpoint.


2. Use your completed map and the ‘Trade Guide’ to help you plan out a trade journey. Think about where you are going to go to buy & sell your goods, as well as what it is you want to buy & sell. Plan your journey out carefully to make sure you take the most logical route and work out which form of travel you might need [ship/ skates/ sledge/ wagon & horse]. Don't just make one stop - it has probably taken you a long time to save up for a trading journey - try to stop off at as many places as you can, but think about what the different places want to buy and what they sell, so you don't turn up somewhere before you've traded for the products they want.


3. Write a short explanation as to why the Vikings might have wanted to invade and settle in Britain. Think about the climate, suitability of land, location to other parts of the world and wealth.



BONUS TASK: Pick one of the items that was traded and create a factfile about it.

Draw a picture of it. What does it look like? What is it made of? Who makes/ farms it? Where can it be bought? Do we have something similar today?