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Winscombe Primary School




The raid on Lindisfarne monastery was a crucial event in the Viking era. It was seen as a pre-meditated attack, knowing that it would be an easy place to approach, attack and steal from as the monks wouldn't be able to defend themselves and there would be plenty of different 'treasures'.


Have a look through the Powerpoint which looks briefly at Viking beliefs and the location of Lindisfarne, as well as real accounts of the attack. Then, watch the videos below to learn a little bit more about the Lindisfarne attack and how important it was to the Vikings.



1. Write an account of the attack on Lindisfarne of a monk who managed to escape. Describe the event, listing sights, sounds, smells and emotions. Think about how it would feel to see the Viking ships getting closer, knowing there was very little you could do. What might it have been like during the raid itself? (Remember, you’re a monk, so you probably wouldn’t have seen any fighting before and wouldn’t really know how to protect yourself.) Think about what you’re going to do next as well – will you stay as a monk or change your life and prepare to fight back?

[Listen to the 'Ride of the Valkyries' as you write to help set the scene for you - link below.]


2. Create a poster warning local Anglo-Saxons about Viking raids. Your information could include how to tell if you are about to be raided (for example, boats sighted on the horizon) and what to do in the event of a raid (for example, sound the alarm or run for the hills). Add artwork and use organisational devices (such as headings, bullet points) to present the information. Make it eye-catching so people will pay attention to it.

There are some war posters below to give you an idea or to use as a template if you want.

Some examples of some war posters that you might want to model your Viking warning poster on.