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Winscombe Primary School




Have a read of the Powerpoint that looks at where the Vikings explored and gives you some information about the most famous Viking explorers. Not all Vikings were vicious pirates who raided and pillaged new lands - sorry!



1. Watch the video below to understand the journeys Erik the Red and Leif took in their discoveries of different countries. Use the ‘Google Earth Story’ to explore the route and the places too – you can drop the little man at certain points to see what it looks like now too. Discuss or write how their journey might be different to an explorer today. [What equipment would be different? What difficulties might they both face? Which would be the most dangerous journey?]

2. Look at the painting of a Viking ship in the middle of the sea. Write a story based on what you can see and what the sailors might have experienced. Use the knowledge you have gained over the last few weeks to add some historical facts into your writing too. Think about how the sailors might have been feeling on their journey to a new land as well. [If you click on the image link, you can zoom in to different parts of the painting to help you too.]

3. Create an advert for either Greenland or Vineland to encourage other Vikings to join your new settlement. You can do it as a magazine advert (poster) or record a radio or TV advert. Make sure you mention all the good things about your location – you can use some persuasive features as well.


There is a Longboat Journey Game if you wanted to play it too. Your aim is to get across the sea to Britain, avoiding monsters and answering questions correctly to help boost your journey.

Erik & Leif - the explorers!

Still image for this video