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Winscombe Primary School

Visions and Values

Our vision at the SLF is to be a nurturing and caring environment for all those who interact with us. With our support, the children will flourish, both personally, socially and academically, leaving them equipped to thrive as individuals, support others and blossom in the 21st century. As a ‘Learning Without Limits’ school, we know that everyone can achieve and improve from their starting point. A growth mind-set is essential to promote this. We will always strive to empower every member of our diverse community to be the very best version of themselves.


• Decency – Above all else, we strive towards treating ourselves, others and the world around us with kindness, respect and empathy. This comes first; this is who we are. How we treat others is a true measure of a person.
• (Personal) Academic Success – We will provide an excellent, broad and balanced education where each individual is valued, catered for and has the opportunity to thrive. School is important for many reasons and achieving academic success is one of the most significant.
• Proactivity – For us, learning is not a passive experience but one which the children fully engage with and drive: we are proactive. Determination, resilience, courage, self-belief and personal development are essential to this end. We will install a growth mindset and follow this example ourselves. If we believe this, really believe it, we will achieve great things.
• Safe and Happy – School will always be a safe space/haven where children can feel protected and nurtured. Each and everyone one of us has a crucial role to play in this. We are a family.
• Imaginative and fun – Creativity and enjoyment are not add ons but fundamentals for our school life. If a child cannot experience these qualities in school, then we need to think again.
• Community – We draw strength from one another and support our diverse local and global community, celebrating our differences and the qualities that make each of us each unique. We are together as one – all are welcome.
• 21st Century Citizen – Children today face challenges that are many and various, serious and exacting. We aim to equip the children to meet these challenges, rise above them and make the world a better place.
• Communicators – Being able to express oneself and understand what is being communicated to you, is a basic right. All children should leave The

Strawberry Line Federation being able to do this to the highest standard they possibly can.