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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 12th October



We're looking at improving our sentences this week. Monday & Tuesday will be trying out some different sentence openers to make sure we know interesting ways to improve our writing. Wednesday & Thursday will be seeing if we can actually put these into our extended work!


Have a go at the sentence starter Powerpoint - you only need one sentence each time.


For the story writing task, pick one of the pictures and try to use the different openers when you write your narrative. Don't forget to include other grammar techniques that we've looked at too - especially speech. You could always look back at last week's work on our class page to remind you how to use inverted commas.


I've written one as an example too!



Subtraction this week! We'll start with subtraction without any 'borrowing' and then progress onto having to 'borrow' from another column. Make sure you ask if you aren't sure or if you get it wrong.

In Topic & Art this week, we'll be looking at the Ancient Egyptian writing - hieroglyphs.

Have a look at the Powerpoint which explains them a little bit and then use the prompt sheet to try and spell out your name! We'll be writing these onto the papyrus paper we made last week.