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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 16th Nov

Design & Technology

This week we are evaluating existing designs in DT. We are looking closely at card mechanisms that are used to make things move or can be moved. To do this we are looking at books that have moving parts like lift the flap and pop up books. Once we have evaluated the mechanisms we will spend the next few weeks trying out our own before using them in our books based on Dear Zoo.


Have a look at your own books or cards and see if you have that include moving parts, flaps or pop up bits. Ask yourself the following questions:

Does the mechanism work?

How does it help the story? (it could be a surprise like in Dear Zoo or help you to understand what is going on)


Now try out some of the following making your own mechanisms:




You don't need to make these with card, any scrap paper will do, we are just trying out designs.