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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 19th October



We are using the book 'I am the Mummy Heb-Nefert' by Eve Bunting for inspiration this week.

Watch the video of someone reading the story first.


Your first task, is to decide whether you are FOR or AGAINST moving the Mummies into a museum and to write a debate statement that will convince other people to agree with your point of view.

There is a Powerpoint below that looks at how a debate statement should be written and what it needs to include. An example of part of it is written on the last page - but I'm sure you can think of more convincing statements than I did! You could always film yourself presenting your statement and send it to me, so we can see how persuasive you were - performing it sometimes adds more emphasis and makes it more compelling.


Task 2 is an opportunity to use some of the impressive vocabulary we've been working on this term. I want you to write your own version of the first page of the book (a copy of it is below) that describes what it is like for Heb-Nefert now she is a Mummy. Looking at pictures of Mummies might be useful to help you, but be careful what you search for as there are some unwrapped and not so pretty pictures of Mummies out there! You need to keep the first and last line (coloured in red on the document), but the rest is for your imagination. It can even rhyme if you want it to!




We will be doing a reading comprehension assessment in class this week. We're going to be using the end of year test for your previous year, so if you are Year 4, you do the Year 3 one and if you are Year 5, you do the Year 4 one.

Take your time on it (we will be splitting it over two days), but you need to do it independently.



We're going to be consolidating our understanding of the written methods for addition and subtraction by looking at them in different (hopefully fun!) ways.

Below are some activities that require you to add and subtract - make sure you read the signs and words carefully!

In Science this week, we'll be looking at different Natural Scientists. Pick one from the list on the Powerpoint and research into their life and work. Create a poster that shows how amazing they are!