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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 1st February

Ready for another week?!

I hope so - we've got lots of different things going on this week, as it is Children's Mental Health Week. See if you can do the daily 'Express Yourself' task on the calendar below. Some things are all about you while some make other people happy as well. Friday will be a chance to DRESS TO EXPRESS, where you can wear clothes that show off who you are or how you are feeling (even those people who are in school!).

There's also the Feel Fab Feb challenges that can be done in any order - some of them are active, some tasty and some wellbeing-y! See what you can do over the whole month of February.


As usual, our timetable for this week is below with all the links for Zooms and lessons. The resources are on the different pencil pages.


I hope to see you all on our Zooms and keep sending me your brilliant work - I'll be uploading different examples that are sent to me in the 'satchel' page at the bottom, so take a look and see what other people have been doing. Remember, you can message me on Dojo or send me an email about anything you aren't sure about too.

See if you can do the 'Express Yourself' Task each day - take a little bit of time to find your happy!