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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 22nd February

Term 4 Week 1 - New term, new teacher. I know this can be exciting for some of you whilst it may be frightening for others but together we are going to be amazing! I am so looking forward to getting to know you all and see your fantastic learning. Things might be different to what you are used to as I will be learning just as much as you are and hopefully we will be back together soon. I hope you enjoy the different tasks we've got this week.


Our Zoom sessions will be a little bit different as I will be in school whilst these are happening. The links are on the timetable below as always, but for easy reference, I've listed them here too:


MONDAY: Grammar lesson @2

TUESDAY: [Maths Group @10], Reading lesson @2

WEDNESDAY: [Year 4 WordBlaze @9], Mrs Richardson's assembly @2.30

THURSDAY: English lesson @10, [Year 5 WordBlaze @1]

FRIDAY: Science lesson @10


As with each week, try to give the Wellbeing Tasks a go - see if you can tick more off the Feel Fab Feb list and attempt the daily Express Yourself activity from the calendar below.


Make sure you send me your work on ClassDojo or via email, so I can see how you're getting on and help you out if needed. I want to give out plenty of Word Marks this week!


Good luck, see you on Zoom! 

See if you can do the 'Express Yourself' Task each day - take a little bit of time to find your happy!