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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 23rd Nov

Year 1 Children.

This week we are revisiting our simple addition up to 20.

These questions include a mix of pictorial methods as well as number.

Please complete as many as you can independently.

We would also like you to explore this in a practical way at home too. You may be able to groups some items and find another groups of something and practise adding them altogether. Practise saying the number sentence out loud to, for example: 6 buttons add/plus 4 cups equals 10!

You can send us a picture on ClassDojo to show us what you have been doing!

Reception Children

This week we would like you to continue building on your number knowledge by counting out loud.

The focus for your maths learning this time is to identify/practise knowing one more or one less than a given number. You can practise this by doing some practical activities by following some of the

suggestions here below. Don't forget to upload your photo's to ClassDojo so we can reward you for all your hard work!