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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 23rd Nov

Year 1 children

This week we are going to practise ordering the alphabet, as well as forming our letters correctly.

We need to work on improving our handwriting, so we are looking for your very best presentation

with this task! Please select one or more of the sheets to fill in the alphabet and record your letters underneath.

If you are up for an extra challenge, then please record the capital letter as well as the lower case letter!


Alphabet ordering. Tracing sheets are provided to practise your letter formation before you do this independently.


This week we are focusing on writing captions for family photographs. There are lots of skills involved in this. First you have to decide what you want to say. Then you have to break that sentence or phrase down into single words. Next you will need to sound out each word (segment) using your phonics to help you. Finally you need to write down those sounds you can hear in the words. Once you have finished one word you can leave a little space and move onto the next. Remember some words don't sound out we call them "sight" words or "tricky" words. The first stage is giving meaning to the marks you make followed by correctly sounding and then writing the initial letters of words and then writing some sounds that occur at the end of words and some from the middle. Don't be surprised if there are some words which are difficult having a go is what is important.