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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 23rd November



The characters of our story have made it to Egypt!

Take a look at the pictures of Cairo in 1922 and in 2020. Your task is to write a travel advert for either year. Make sure you make it relevant to the time you have chosen - no skyscrapers in 1922!

Use the examples I have provided to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Remember your persuasive features too - you need to try and make it sound like the best place ever, otherwise people won't want to visit.

As you're at home, you could always make a TV or radio advert for Cairo too. Send it through on ClassDojo so we can have a look at it in class.


Extra Task: At one point in the story, the characters are caught in a sandstorm. Use your imagination and the video I've found to write a figurative poem about being in a sandstorm.

Think about using similes and metaphors, as well as onomatopoeia & personification - some examples of what they are to remind you are on the document below. It's your choice whether you want the poem to rhyme and what style you write it in; it could always be a shape poem to show the storm itself.



We'll be looking at division this week, moving on to questions that have remainders in their answer.

If you aren't confident with the division method, look back at last week for some more worksheets for you to have a try at.

In Science, we're starting our new topic: Human Growth & Development.

Look at the Powerpoint which starts to explain the different stages of a human life cycle. Don't look at Slide 14, until you've done the ordering task that is explained on Slide 13! The sheet is attached below too.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be looking at some of the different stages, so your added challenge is to research one of them in more detail ready to report back to us! You could make a poster or leaflet, or simply bring in a list of your own notes.