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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 28th September

We will be working on the book 'Cinderella of the Nile' by Beverley Naidoo for the next few weeks. There is a video below of a reading of it to help you with your work on it if you aren't in school. Make sure you only watch up to the time you need to!

Writing Task 1:

Watch until 4:20.


Thinking about your diary writing you did last week, can you recount the events that Rhodopis has had to endure so far.

Remember: past tense; thoughts & feelings; informal tone; time conjunctions; personal pronouns. Also think about what the Next Step was that I gave you from your last diary writing - can you include that this time round?


CHALLENGE: Can you write a diary entry from one of Rhodopis' parents? How might it be different to the one you wrote for Rhodopis?

Writing Task 2:

Watch until 8:35.


Imagine you are the captor of the slaves. Your job is to try and get the customers to buy one of your slaves - the more money the better! You need to try and make them sound as impressive as you can to fetch a higher price. It's Rhodopis' turn - write the speech you would give to try and persuade people to buy her.

Think about her strengths and how you can use what she has been through already to make her seem more useful to a Master.


Use the help sheets below to give your writing a persuasive 'boost'. Don't say anything bad about her remember - you want lots of money for one of your prize captives!