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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 2nd Nov

Year 1 Children 

This week we are exploring Bonfire Night and finding out all about Guy Fawkes! Do you know who he is? Please can you take a look at the attached  story powerpoint below and then have a go at sequencing the story yourself. Please can cut and stick the pictures in order and record a little caption underneath, to remind you what happened.





Senses Poem

We are going to write our own Bonfire Night poems based on our senses.  Read the story below to give you some ideas of what you might hear, see, taste, feel and smell on Bonfire Night.  Then try writing a poem using the following format:

On Bonfire Night

I can see...

I can hear...

I can feel...

I can taste...

I can smell...

You can add a last line to sum up Bonfire Night e.g.  It's amazing!


Reception Children

We are going to listen to some firework sounds! Can you listen carefully to this clip?..  

What sounds did you hear? Were some sounds louder than others?

Please can you now have a go at drawing some fireworks of your own! You can use different things from around the house to mark with such as a comb, a fork, a cotton bud, or anything else that would make a great firework print.

Now can you decide whether you would like to trace the words below, copy them or even attempt to use your phonic knowledge to spell your own words, to describe the sounds of your fantastic fireworks!

Firework words.