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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 2nd Nov

Reception children

This week we are practising counting and naming numerals. Below are activities to try which will help you practise counting and matching what you count to a numeral.


Count from 1 to 20 in unison. When you say ‘five’, children wave one hand in the air. When you all say ‘ten’, they wave a second hand in the air. Then they put their hands down and continue counting. When you say, ‘fifteen’, they wave one hand in the air, and when you say ‘twenty’, they wave both hands in the air.

Repeat this, counting again to twenty in the same way.

Repeat several times.



Anno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno.



Sing ‘One Man Went to Mow’. You could learn and sing along with this animated version of One Man Went to Mow from


Year 1 children

This week you are going to identify and represent numbers, using objects and pictorial representations including the number line. Please see the powerpoint attached, before completing your activity below.