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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 2nd November



Our new text is the novel 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll.

This week we'll be introducing ourselves to the two main locations of the story and getting to know some of the characters.


Using the images on the document below, write a description of London and the Valley of the Kings from 1922. Think about the words you could use to describe the different locations and what it might be like to be there. Feel free to do your own research and find other information about the two places as well.


Challenge: Write a persuasive advert for visiting either place - this is something we'll do later in the term, so you can get a headstart!

My short description for the Valley of the Kings!



Read the text about Life in Ancient Egypt and answer the questions.

Think about how we answer the longer questions - can you use 'I know this because' or 'This means that'?

The answers are on the last page of the document too!



We're starting to look at multiplication and division now we are back. This week is reminding ourselves how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000.

The Challenge questions work with decimals too - just remember how many places you have moved the whole number; don't add another zero in to the middle of the number!

The Uber Challenge looks at it in a different format and brings together everything for the week.

In Art this week, we will be designing our own Ancient Egyptian necklaces. Read the Powerpoint that gives some information about the types of clothing and fashion that was worn at the time and then design your own necklace. There are some pictures on the last slide, but you can always research yourself to get some more ideas.

Think about the colours of the jewels they would have had - the more jewels, the higher in status you are! Remember, they are usually symmetrical.