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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 30th November



Without giving too many spoilers away for the story, your task is a conversation one. Write the very first conversation that would occur between Lysandra, Maya and Kyky when they meet up in the afterlife. Think about what they might have to say to each other about their different experiences since they died - we know Kyky has been on an adventure to London, but what has happened to Lysandra and Maya? Maybe you could say a little bit about their lives after Kyky died too - did Maya get found out for taking Kyky's heart; did Lysandra continue with her dream telling; what did they do when they grew up; did they have families of their own?


I've included a document that reminds you of the different rules of how to use speech. Make sure you check it before you start!



We are going to be looking at a non-fiction reading comprehension on Friday. Unfortunately, I can't upload the one we are doing as I only have a paper copy! However, I have found a non-fiction one about Tutankhamun's Tomb. There are 3 different levels of text and questions, so pick the one you think suits you - make sure you give yourself a little bit of a challenge.



We're taking a bit of a break from the four operations and looking at measure, perimeter and area for the next couple of weeks. We'll be needing to use what we've learnt recently to help us work out different questions though.

This week will focus on converting measurements into their equivalent (for example m to cm) and remembering how to work out the perimeter of rectangles and of irregular shapes. There are White Rose videos to go with each worksheet if you aren't sure.

Remember, you have your Arithmetic test that you did on Friday - why not have another look through it and see if you can work out any questions you got wrong.

In Art for the next couple of weeks, we'll be looking at Egyptian boats and making our own.

This week, we are going to be designing the sail of our boat. Have a look at the pictures on the document below and do a bit of your own research to design your sail too. Think about what image or pattern you would put on it - it should represent you and your family in some way.

Check out the interactive link that explores a Pharaoh's boat, which was found buried next to the Great Pyramid of Khufu!