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Winscombe Primary School

WB. 4.1.21



This week, we are looking at our new class text, 'Freedom for Bron' by N.S. Blackman. It is a story about a slave boy who dreams of being an Anglo Saxon warrior in Dark Ages Britain. We will be looking at what we think about the text, discussing and predicting what we think it will be about and answering some comprehension questions based on Chapter 1.

We will also be looking at some non-fiction retrieval based on an Anglo-Saxon factual book. 


Your writing task this week is, once you have read through Chapter 1 of 'Freedom for Bron', to describe Beogard. Use everything you remember about character descriptions, including the resources below to describe the grizzled, old Anglo Saxon warlord! If you wanted to do some home research on Anglo Saxon warlords for reference, go for it!


This week in maths, we are going to be revising our formal methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The children did absolutely wonderfully before Christmas so this should be a quick revision session. Likewise, their times tables were really coming along at the end of last term so I would like them to practice them at home. The main ones we have focused on are 3x, 4x and 6x, using previous table knowledge to unlock future times tables structures.




History and Geography

This week, we are looking at the origin of the Anglo Saxon invasions of Britain, what the country looked like during Anglo Saxon times and ordering the time line of significant events that happened throughout the Anglo Saxon occupation of Britain.



This week, we are starting our new Science topic, Light! We will exploring what light is, how is useful and how we can even manipulate it! Our live, virtual lesson will be on Friday so don't feel you have to do anything before the lesson but be prepared for a Science-y morning!