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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 5th October



Time to remind ourselves how to use inverted commas (speech marks!)!


There are a couple of activities to check you understand how to use them correctly, including remembering to put a piece of punctuation before the ending inverted commas.



Watch until 11:53 of 'Cinderella of the Nile'.

Write a conversation between the sisters, ensuring you've put in all the punctuation to show who is talking.

For another writing challenge, watch until 12:34 of the video.

Can you write your version of the rest of the story?


Think carefully about what might happen next - remember what we said happened in the 'original' Cinderella story.

Try to use really imaginative vocabulary and show me some Ancient Egyptian bits of information.

If you put some speech in, make sure it is punctuated properly too!



We're looking at addition and remembering how to set out column addition.

There are video links, worksheets and answers, with a challenge to try too!