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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 7th Dec

Year 1 

During maths this week, we are going to look at 'fact families'. We have been exploring part, part whole models over the past few weeks and we are now going to apply this to our addition and subtraction.

Take a look at the attached powerpoint to familiarise yourself with this again and then complete the activity sheets below.

Reception Children.

We have been practising our counting one more from a given number and so this week, we would like you to explore number bonds to 10. There are lots of ways you can practise this, for example: by showing some fingers and then counting on to find how many more make 10. You could take a handful of grapes and work out how many more you would need to make 10. How about searching for some leaves outside - can you count them and work out the missing amount to make 10? Be as creative as you like!

Attached, is a fingerprint activity for you to complete. First, you'll need to count the spots and practise counting on, to finish the amount to 10. If you would like to explore a number sentence challenge, then take a look at the 'ten frame' activity. Can you identify the two numbers that make 10 and practise recording these digits?