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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 7th Dec

Year 1 children.

We are going to explore some Christmas poetry this week! We would like you to develop your own acrostic poem. To help you do this, you need to use your senses! Think about something you can: smell, hear, see, taste and touch for each of the letters on the paper. You may be able to think of a few! For example; Cake, candles, and  crackers! If you are able to use these words in a sentence then even better! It might read something like this: Cakes are covered with white icing, candles flicker in the dark, pulling crackers is so much fun! There is a writing frame attached for you to use, unless you would like to create and decorate your own.

Don't forget to do your very best handwriting, because we have been practising this!


This week we are thinking about presents we would like to give to other people rather than ourselves. Use the Christmas paper below, or design some of your own to write a Christmas list of things you would buy other people. Try to write a sentence to say who the present is for and what it is. Try saying the sentence and using your fingers to count the words, this helps with breaking the speech into words. Then sound each word out and think about what sounds you can hear. Remember to listen for any of our tricky words which don't sound! The first step is to hear the initial sound in words, the final sound usually comes next before you tune into hearing the medial (middle) sounds, so don't worry if you can't hear them all. Once you have written what present you would like to get for who you can use the space at the top to draw pictures of the gifts.