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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 7th December



Time to PEE!

Write a PEE paragraph about whether you think there was a curse due to Kyky's heart being removed from Egypt. Think carefully about the reasons you choose and make sure you use different parts of the text as your evidence and explain them fully.

Point: Do you think there was a curse or not?

Evidence: What happened in the story to make you think that?

Explanation: How does that support your initial point?

Remember, your explanation should be the biggest part - it should be longer than the point and evidence together.


Is there really a curse?

P: There is a curse on Tutankhamun’s tomb.

E: In the story, Professor Hanawati was burned and his feet were left and Kyky’s feet were chopped off his sarcophagus.

E: This means that it is either a very big coincidence or a curse, because there is a link between the two events that wouldn’t normally have happened. I know this because, both men’s feet were either left behind or cut off. This means that if it happened more than once, something strange is occurring and you don’t know whose feet might be affected next.


P: There is not a curse on Tutankhamun’s tomb.

E: In the story, not everybody who has the jar has been injured or affected.

E: This means that there can’t be a curse, otherwise everybody would have their feet cut off or be burnt or stung by scorpions. It might have been invented to protect the tomb and artefacts inside and Lil’s Granddad might just be poorly.



This week we are doing an end of term reading comprehension. We will be doing them on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, so please don't do them until then, just in case you are back in school - you don't want to do it twice!

Choose the one that is for your year group and give it a go. There are 3 sections: fiction, non-fiction and poetry, but you don't have to do it all in one go. Make sure you read the question carefully and check how many marks the question is worth. If it's a 2 or 3 mark question, then you'll need to add a bit more explanation. Remember our sentence stems: I know this because; The author wants us to think; This means that.



Carrying on from last week, we are looking at the perimeter of compound shapes (not just rectangles) and moving on to area. Perimeter is around the outside of a shape and area is the inside. Practising your times tables will really help you with area, so why not have a go on TTRS too.


The Challenge task is definitely a challenge, so don't worry if you find it tricky - especially if you are a Year 4!

In our last lesson on the Ancient Egyptians in Topic, we will be looking at why the civilisation ceased. Have a read of the BBC Bitesize link and the Powerpoint which looks at the involvement of Cleopatra and the Romans. Can you create a comic strip to represent how this ancient era came to an end?