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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 8/2/21

All groups


Please use this week to consolidate learning of all the phonemes and graphemes covered in term 3. If you look in the pathway above you can access previous week's plans by clicking on "Year 1" and then clicking on the stars for the various weeks. Below is also a phase 3 & 4 word mat to help with practising sight words.


Check that your child can:

  • recognise the grapheme when shown in isolation and say the associated phoneme e.g. when shown ear do they say ear?
  • recognise the grapheme and say the associated phoneme when it is shown in a word e.g. do they say "hear" when shown the word or do they say h-e-a-r or h-e-ar?
  • write the grapheme when you say the phoneme e.g. when you say ear can your child write it?
  • write words which contain the phoneme e.g. when you say "hear" can they sound it out and write it correctly.


Your children are at the stage where they are learning alternative graphemes for the phonemes (sounds) they already know so please do not worry if they use the wrong grapheme as long as it is the right sound e.g. hapee instead of happy. Just note it down as something that requires further practise.