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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 8th February

Week 6 - you've managed a whole term of home/ different school learning! Well done all of you; you should be really proud of how you have carried on during this weird time. I hope you enjoy the different tasks we've got this week.

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, which is why we're having an ICT lesson together on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Robinson is going to be joining a few of our Zoom sessions this week so he can get to know you a little bit more, and you can see what he looks like when he isn't wearing a mask!


Our Zoom sessions are a little bit different this week. The links are on the timetable below as always, but for easy reference, I've listed them here too:

MONDAY: [Maths Group @10], Grammar lesson @2

TUESDAY: Hello from Mr Robinson @10, ICT lesson @2

WEDNESDAY: [Year 4 WordBlaze @9], Mrs Richardson's assembly @2.30

THURSDAY: English lesson @10, [Year 5 WordBlaze @1], Goodbye from Mrs Davis @2.30


As with each week, try to give the Wellbeing Tasks a go - see if you can tick more off the Feel Fab Feb list and attempt the daily Express Yourself activity from the calendar below.


Make sure you send me your work on ClassDojo or via email, so I can see how you're getting on and help you out if needed. Remember, I can't give Work Marks if I don't see any work! [Come on, Andromeda!]


Oh, and in case you didn't know - there's no school on Friday and next week is the half term holiday! laugh

If you didn't have a look at it over the weekend, here's the Wellbeing Questionnaire that I uploaded to ClassDojo on Friday. Have a look at the questions and be honest - make sure you talk it through with someone at home when you have finished.

See if you can do the 'Express Yourself' Task each day - take a little bit of time to find your happy!