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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 9th Nov

Reception Children- this week we are consolidating our number knowledge!

Please print/draw the numicon tiles and practise placing them in order form 1-10, don't forget to check by counting! Now, if your grown-up mixes up the numicon tiles and gives you one- can you carry on placing the remainder of the tiles in order? This helps you to practise counting on from a given number!

The next challenge is to order number cards from 1-10! Once you've achieved this, ask your grown-up to give you any number card and see if you can place down the next number! Don't forget to send us a photo of this super learning via ClassDojo!

Year 1 children - it's all about the 'Addition Symbol' this week!

Please explore the powepoint below and select the activity/activities that you are able to complete.

Please send it to us on ClassDojo.