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Winscombe Primary School

W/B 9th Nov

Dear Zoo

This week we are beginning our work on the story "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell. Share the story together if you have it at home, if you don't then use the link below to watch a retelling on youtube.


Year 1 children, please print/draw the animals from the story Dear Zoo. Next to the picture, record one or more adjectives that describe this animal (thinking about the ones used in the story and perhaps adapting them!).

Year 1

We are looking closely at the structure of the story. See what you can spot.

  • Are there any repeated phrases?
  • Does the author tell you the name of the animal or show you a picture instead?
  • Can you explain why all the animals were wrong?

Next we are going to use what we have found out about the structure to help write our own story. First we need a setting and something to ask for.  Think of your own idea or use one of these suggestions:

A toy shop - asking for a toy

A travel agents - asking for a holiday


Once you have decided where your story will be set and what you are asking for you need to decide on the repeated phrases you will use. In "Dear Zoo" it went like this:

"I wrote to the zoo to ask for a pet."

"They sent me a..."

"It was too..... so I sent it back".


Try writing down your repeated phrases. Make sure you think about the sounds in the words, finger spaces between the words and full stops at the end of your sentences.


Now that you have read Dear Zoo or watched the youtube video use the sheet below to colour, cut out and stick the animals from the story on to a piece of paper. Look at each one carefully and think of a word that could describe it.  You heard some words in the story, can you think of any others? Try to write the word under your picture, think about the sounds you can hear when you say the word and use your phonics to help you work out what to write. (Mums and dads please don't worry if your child is not yet able to form recognisable letters, hearing the initial sounds in the words they want to write and mark making of some kind is the aim)